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Vedanta mulls group reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling; separate listing of businesses


Billionaire Anil Agarwal’s with Wednesday said its mulling a group restructuring that may consist of demerger and listing of the aluminium lightweight, iron & metallic, and oil and gas businesses as standalone agencies. In a stock exchange completing, the firm stated its board features constituted a panel of directors to gauge and recommend selections to restructure typically the group.

“The Table of Directors of the Company has made the decision that, considering the degree, nature, and probable opportunities for several business verticals of the company, the company will need to undertake a comprehensive overview of the corporate composition and evaluate the full range of selections and alternatives (including demerger(s), spin-off(s), proper partnerships etc.) for unlocking cost and simplification of corporate structure,” it said.

Subject to a detailed examination, it is the intention the fact that aluminium, iron & steel, and coal and oil businesses would be encased in standalone posted entities, it added in.

This is the along with objectives of shortening and streamlining corporate and business structure, unlocking cost for all stakeholders, together with creating businesses, that are positioned better to capitalize on their distinct market positions and supply long-term growth and permit strategic partnerships.

“The Board has also equiped various advisors to aid the Board around evaluating the options,” it said.

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