What a system administrator does

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System Administrator: What it is and what are the responsibilities

System administrators are in charge of maintaining, troubleshooting, and servicing computer servers and networks....

Developing a Forex trading business plan: Key elements and strategies for success


Forex trading business plan that will make you money

Forex trading business plan is an important component in your trading that will help you have consistency, make informed decisions and just have confi...

Tesla Optimus: The future of robotics and automation

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How our future will change with Tesla Optimus

In recent years, the intersection of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) has led to revolutionary advances in automation across industries. One ...

Top 6 news sites to keep up to date with everything

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Technology News: The Best Sites and Apps

Keeping up with the latest technology news is not just important, it's essential. These 6 sites and apps will provide you with fresh and reliable info...

Promotion: Windows 10/11 Pro for 14 Euros

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VIP-URcdkey offers Windows 10/11 at a discounted price

VIP-URcdkey celebrates February in style by offering promotions on a wide selection of Microsoft software. Find out how you can get Windows 10/11 Pro ...

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Google updates its AI: kills Assistant and Bard and bets on Gemini

As the rumors suggested, Bard, Google's AI chatbot, is now called Gemini. Its new Android app may replace Google Assistant, and there's also news abou...

Starlink and John Deere: the agriculture of the future


Starlink enters the agricultural machinery market together with John Deere

John Deere has become Starlink's new partner in expanding the reach of its satellite internet service. The agricultural equipment manufacturer will us...

Apple has snatched the top spot from Samsung in the smartphone market


Apple beats Samsung for the first time in a key metric

For the first time in 13 years, Samsung is no longer number one in global smartphone shipments....

Who to watch out for in the new year

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The fastest growing companies of 2024

Smart watches, a social network for earning money, safe loans and quality design - that's what the top companies offer consumers....

Work in IT: What to do


IT: Profitable areas for development

Today, the IT sector is one of the most promising and lucrative sectors. Here are some of the highest paying jobs in the market....

Security: 10 important technologies

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How to secure your business

Threats force businesses to always be on guard to detect and prevent risks. These technologies are the most widely used....

Anssi: espionage and data breaches

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Anssi reveals cyber threats to telecoms

The telecommunications sector is always susceptible to cyber threats - here are just a few examples....

Top 6 IT Technologies of 2023

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The 6 Hottest Computer Technologies of 2023

These technologies were at the top of their game in 2023 and are worth watching next year. Blockchain, private cloud computing, augmented reality and ...

How has technology changed Christmas?

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4 Christmas realities in the digital age

Christmas will never be the same. We rarely think about the usual things like shopping, advertising and social media, but these very realities have ch...

OpenAI strengthens its position in China


In China, OpenAI is already thinking about GPT-6 and GPT-7

US-based artificial intelligence research company OpenAI has made a number of moves to gain a foothold in the Chinese market....