Forex broker SMM Limited is a scam that has nothing to do with normal companies

SMM Limited: Don't Trust This Scammer

The number of scammers is increasing every day and unfortunately it is getting harder and harder to find a normal company to cooperate with. Forex broker SMM Limited is not one of those who you should open an account with. The intermediary works illegally and prevents you from receiving money. This is the most common scammer, which has its own invented conditions and complete non-compliance with current standards. Review about SMM Limited is negative, the level of trust is low.

About Forex broker SMM Limited

The most common scammer, charging additional fees, swindling personal data and money. There are unaccounted commissions, third-party links, paid courses. Withdrawal can be requested only under certain conditions.  SMM Limited fraud, which does not inform about risks, promises instant profit. Payouts are not provided, support service ignores. There is no information on SMM Limited website, experts' comments are not published. The list of assets and analytical tools is limited. SMM Limited is a scam with a low rating and bad reputation. It imposes dubious payment systems, insurance and a number of unnecessary services. In the review about SMM Limited they wrote about security problems, limitation of using strategies, unrealistic trading volumes. Forex broker SMM Limited offers to use copies of trading terminals, manipulates prices, launches aggressive advertising. The company is actively practicing calls from hidden numbers, is engaged in spamming. SMM Limited is a common scam, so you should not open an account here.

Documents of Forex broker SMM Limited

Legitimacy is not confirmed by anything. The domain name was registered recently. The SMM Limited website does not have a document section. There is no regulatory control, financial statements are not published. SMM Limited is a fraud. It is operating illegally.

Education at Forex broker SMM Limited

Broker's training programs are just another strategy to deceive clients. Of course, the materials may seem attractive and even the fee for their use is not frightening, but in reality, the courses offered by Forex broker SMM Limited do not work. The company has repeatedly lured clients with promises of high profits and guaranteed success after training. Naturally, no one informs about the potential risks associated with trading operations, as well as about additional fees. SMM Limited fraud, so the exact cost of the course is not known until the last. After making payment for the training, employees of the company may start calling, offering access to "exclusive" material within a more advanced program. Naturally, you can use the resource for a fee. There is no analytics on the website SMM Limited, but there is a whole section devoted to the broker's courses. Moreover, the description of educational programs is rather vague, without any specifics about teachers and the content of lectures. This also indicates that SMM Limited is a scam, not intended to generate income. Here's what else is wrong with the broker's education:

  • There are one-type reviews telling about the fabulous profit that was obtained immediately after taking the proposed course. In the real reviews about SMM Limited you can read the other, for the proposed training turned out to be useless;
  • the presence of "exclusive" strategies. SMM Limited, like any self-respecting scam, claims that the trading plan is effective, but in reality, these are common knowledge methods that sell at an inflated price;
  • individualized mentoring. Once the courses are paid for, support from the organizers becomes unavailable and the client is left to fend for themselves.

The educational material is not structured, overflowing with complex terminology, and the course itself is the most common "empty", not useful.

Support service at Forex broker SMM Limited

It is almost impossible to contact the operators. There are no contacts on the website, only a feedback form. The company's employees work on their own unofficial schedule and very rarely engage in dialog with clients. Negative reviews about SMM Limited have repeatedly written about this. In rare cases someone manages to get an incomprehensible answer, which has absolutely nothing to do with the question. Forex broker SMM Limited does not work officially, so this approach does not surprise anyone. Another proof of fraud on the part of the company. If support representatives get in touch, they most often behave unprofessionally, imposing additional services.

SMM limited: don't be fooled

Website and personal cabinet of Forex broker SMM Limited

The company's activity is based on loud promises and silence about risks. On the website there is no reliable information about the intermediary, and the existing sections are not filled out. Documents are not presented, but quite a lot of "successful" stories of clients are published. There is no actual, useful data. Quotes do not reflect the real state of the market The interface of website SMM Limited is inconvenient. It is based on a standard template without taking into account user experience. The site design is unremarkable, many interactive elements do not work. SMM Limited fraud and on its website there are third-party links, advertisements. The broker does not have a secure connection, which exposes client data to unnecessary risk, as data leakage is possible. websiteSMM Limited is dangerous, unreliable and not a suitable option for traders.
The client's personal cabinet is also disappointing with low quality and limited functionality. Navigation is inconvenient, many analytical tools necessary for effective trading are available only for a fee. The site itself is poorly indexed by search engines, which raises a number of doubts about the legitimacy of the broker.

Payouts from Forex broker SMM Limited

It is impossible to tell about something that simply does not exist. Alas, but all attempts to withdraw funds from the broker are doomed to failure. The procedure is organized in such a way that successful receipt of funds is simply impossible. Forex broker SMM Limited charges inadequately inflated commissions, conducts sudden technical works on the site, creates a lot of obstacles for traders who want to withdraw. Trading conditions are as unfavorable as possible, plus, you need to reach a certain volume to apply for a payout. There are no loss mechanisms or protection against losses.

Conclusions about Forex broker SMM Limited

Everything in the work of this broker points to fraud. Fictitious commissions, disputable terms of transactions, a sufficient number of negative reviews. Forex broker SMM Limited hinders in receiving funds, works without documents, does not protect clients' data in any way. SMM Limited is a fraud, which means that cooperation with it will not bring anything good.


Question: Does the broker provide services legally?
Answer: No. No documents indicating the legality of the activity have been provided.

Question: Is there any compensation?
Answer: No.  

Q: Do I need to verify my identity?
Answer: Yes. The process is not fully thought out, plus the broker requests quite a lot of documents.

Question: Can I make a withdrawal?
Answer: Theoretically yes, practically no, because the broker does not provide payments to anyone.

Question: Will I be able to at least partially return what was stolen from me?
Answer: No. Clients in this company are not protected in any way, so you should not count on a refund or compensation.


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