ScoreOption: Review Forex-Broker

ScoreOption: A Forex Scam Broker Unveiled

Forex trading has gained significant popularity over the years due to its potential for substantial returns. However, the success of a trader largely depends on the broker they choose as a conduit to the stock market. The quality of their services directly affects the trader's earnings. Unfortunately, the market is riddled with fraudulent entities that not only indulge in technical manipulations but also disseminate fabricated news. One such company is ScoreOption.

ScoreOption: A Cloaked Scam

ScoreOption, a Forex broker, has garnered a multitude of negative reviews, indicating a high level of distrust towards its services. The broker operates without valid licenses, exhibits unprofessional behaviour, violates regulatory norms, and fails to make payouts. The customer support is unresponsive, and the website quality is subpar. The broker has no clearly defined user agreement, lures clients with low commissions, and assures a risk-free experience. However, the truth is that ScoreOption is a scam, and it shouldn't be trusted.

Red Flags Indicating ScoreOption's Fraudulence

ScoreOption doesn't possess any legal documents to validate its operation. The site lacks legal information, and financial reports are never provided. Their history is filled with inconsistencies and gaps. The website often freezes, and the employees display a high degree of incompetence. Moreover, the broker uses bots for posting 'positive' reviews. The company has also been caught manipulating prices, artificially inflating or deflating the cost of certain stocks. This, in turn, creates false signals for depositors, simulating demand in the market.

Deceptive Practices Employed by ScoreOption

ScoreOption employs a series of deceitful tactics:

  1. Dissemination of false information: The broker regularly publishes false reports and recommendations on its website and social media platforms, misleading traders.
  2. Engaging in "spoofing": The broker mimics futures purchase/sale orders at a lower cost, creating a false impression of a price fall.
  3. Artificial demand creation: ScoreOption uses computer programmes for making purchases and sales, allowing them to influence the prices of financial instruments and increase investor interest.
  4. Utilising fictitious investment schemes: The company guarantees instant income through investment in non-existent products. It regularly showcases false client results.

ScoreOption: A Broker Devoid of Transparency

ScoreOption is an evident scam. There is no transparency in the operations, profits are overstated, and dubious methods are proposed for withdrawal. Also, they initiate contact and aggressively push their services. They offer implausible conditions, trying to entice potential clients with large potential profits and low percentages. The company is not regulated, and registration details are concealed.

Reasons to Distrust ScoreOption

The service has received numerous negative reviews from clients who have suffered due to their unfair actions. Almost no one has been able to withdraw money, and there was pressure from the employees. The support service turned out to be non-functional, and mobile trading is not developed. They have also charged additional commissions not mentioned in the contract. Risks were not disclosed, and the site presented outdated quotes. Here are more reasons to avoid opening an account with ScoreOption:

  • Lack of financial reporting
  • Doubtful conditions
  • User agreement is hidden
  • Licenses, other legal documents, and contact information are not presented on the site
  • The brand has been in existence for less than a month
  • No training is provided
  • Price manipulation
  • Pushing of non-existent investment products

The company violates regulatory standards, consistently deceives clients, fails to fulfil its obligations, actively makes calls, and does not make payments. It is better not to have any dealings with this broker, as one can simply lose their money; ScoreOption is nothing more than a common fraudster.


In conclusion, it is essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before choosing a broker. ScoreOption, as highlighted in this post, is a prime example of a fraudulent broker that traders should be wary of. It is crucial to remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always look for transparency, proper licensing, and positive reviews from other traders before investing your hard-earned money in Forex trading.


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