Beware of Forex Fraudsters: The Case of IR Strategies

Review of another Forex IR Strategies scammer

In the world of online trading, finding a trustworthy broker is crucial to your success. Regrettably, there are numerous Forex scammers out there, ready to exploit the unwary trader. One such suspicious entity is IR Strategies.

A Closer Look at IR Strategies

IR Strategies, a Forex broker, has raised numerous red flags among its clientele. Clients have reported a series of unethical practices, with many categorizing the brand as a fraudster.

"The integrity of a broker can make or break a trader's success. Unfortunately, IR Strategies has proven to be a consistent disappointment."

Unprofessional Conduct and Regulatory Violations

IR Strategies operates without valid licenses, displaying unprofessional behavior and violating regulatory rules. The company has failed to make payouts, and their customer service is reportedly non-responsive. The quality of their website leaves much to be desired.

Misleading Marketing Tactics

IR Strategies uses enticingly low commissions and promises of risk-free trading to lure in unsuspecting clients. But remember:

"If something seems too good to be true, it probably is."

Warning Signs of Scam

Several indicators suggest that IR Strategies is a fraud. These include:

  • Lack of legal documentation
  • Absence of financial reporting
  • Discrepancies and gaps in company history
  • Incompetent staff
  • Use of bots to post fake positive reviews
  • Price manipulation

Deceptive Practices of IR Strategies

Here's how IR Strategies has been exploiting its clients:

  1. Dissemination of False Information: They regularly publish false reports and recommendations on their website and social networks, leading traders astray.
  2. Spoofing: This involves placing a buy/sell order for futures contracts at a lower price, creating a false impression of a price drop.
  3. Artificial Demand Creation: IR Strategies uses software to influence the prices of financial instruments and increase investor interest.
  4. Fake Investment Schemes: The company guarantees instant profits by investing in non-existent products and frequently displays false client results.

Why Trusting IR Strategies is a Mistake

The sheer number of negative client reviews and unethical practices make it clear that IR Strategies is not trustworthy. Clients have reported inability to withdraw funds, pressure tactics from the company, non-functioning customer support, and additional, undisclosed fees.

Here's why you should avoid opening an account with IR Strategies:

  • Lack of financial reporting
  • Dubious terms and conditions
  • Hidden user agreement
  • No legal documents or contact information on the website
  • Brand existence of less than a month
  • No trading education provided
  • Price manipulation
  • Aggressive marketing of non-existent investment products

In summary, IR Strategies flouts regulatory standards, deceives clients, fails to fulfill obligations, and avoids payouts. It's prudent to avoid any dealings with this broker, as you stand to lose your hard-earned money to this scammer.

"Forewarned is forearmed. By exposing such fraudulent entities, we hope to prevent traders from falling prey to such scams."

Protect your investments, and always thoroughly research any broker before entrusting them with your money.


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