QD-OLED: MSI limits updates for monitors

MSI: MAG monitors will not be updated

MSI's latest 27-inch and 32-inch MAG QD-OLED monitors do not have a firmware update option. MSI only leaves this feature for their more expensive MPG series monitors.

An OLED monitor is always a good choice when building a gaming system. These are some of the best gaming screens available on the market, and OLED technology is especially popular with gamers. MSI understands this and has diversified their products to include such a top-of-the-line device.

This isn't the only new product MSI has in store for gamers: it recently introduced and released a whole series of new QD-OLED screens. However, the Taiwanese brand is making some intriguing choices when it comes to its new lineup of monitors.

In an exchange on Reddit, the company gave its views on the various products. The main questions posed to the Taiwanese company concerned the price of the 32-inch MPG 321URX in Europe, as well as firmware updates for the new line of screens.

Updates will not be available for all screens

Unfortunately, questions from Internet users about the exorbitant price of the 321URX went unanswered. The cost of the 32-inch version is about €1,400, and it seems that MSI is not going to change it yet. As a reminder, the monitor sells for $950 in the US.

More importantly than the price of the 32-inch MPG 321URX, MSI also announced that it will be updating the firmware of its monitors. This means that only devices in the MPG lineup will be supported. MAG screens will not be eligible for the update. This applies to the 27-inch and 32-inch versions.


The only exception is the MAG 341CQP QD-OLED screen. The screen won't get an update either, but for an additional $50 you can install a firmware update through the monitor's USB-C port.

What's surprising is that MSI's ability to update the MAG 341CQP makes it just as expensive as the MPG variant. Thus, a more "affordable" monitor becomes just as expensive as the high-end models.

This may seem like a questionable decision on MSI's part. It deprives its consumers of the improvements associated with upgrading the screen software. The only solution is to go to the cash register and pay more. Undoubtedly, this is MSI's way of forcing gamers to buy the most expensive monitors. Perhaps the brand's goal is to increase profits in the future.


MSI has talked about firmware updates for its new QD-OLED displays. These updates will only be available for the MPG series displays, while the MAG versions will not be available. The only exception is the MAG 341CQP QD-OLED display, which can be updated for an additional $50.


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