Google Goose: AI to boost employee productivity

Goose - Google's secret AI

In addition to Gemini, Google has a secret AI for internal use that allows employees to be more productive. Specifically, internal documentation has been revealed to program it better and faster.

Goose is a new language model developed by Google itself. It is smarter than Gemini, the AI the company has begun to deploy globally. Internally, the company considers Goose to be "an offspring of Gemini" and has been trained only for internal use by "Google engineers with 25 years of experience," according to one of the documents

It also reports that Goose, google's secret AI, "can answer questions about specific Google technologies, write code using its internal technology stack, and support new features such as code editing based on natural language instructions."

Again, this is all intended to improve the productivity of the company's employees, as AI frees up employees to perform some tasks and program quickly. This will actually allow Google to achieve its goal of saving money through a variety of tactics, including using AI for some tasks.

At this time, however, Goose is only available to some employees. However, the company hopes that this language model will be the first to be approved for internal coding by Google itself. The document also makes it clear that Goose is being developed "with a focus on new engineering-related features. This could mean it is more advanced and can do more than any other tool currently available to Google engineers."

In any case, Google is not the only company with AI for internal use. Microsoft is also rolling out Copilot to its employees to improve productivity, which can be used in Microsoft 365 to speed up things like composing emails and summarizing documents.

It is not yet clear if Goose and other AI the company is developing will also get rid of some of Google's employees. This is exactly the sort of thing that would allow the company to cut costs. For now, Google has confirmed that it does not intend to replace its employees with artificial intelligence.


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