Lova Crypto: Don't engage with this Forex broker

Forex broker Lova Crypto review: Fraud Warning

There are more and more unscrupulous brokers every day, and Forex broker Lova Crypto is one of them. This company is not suitable for cooperation, as here they simply cheat clients, swindle money and transfer data to third parties. There are no documents, plus there are a number of signs indicating fraud. According to the reviews about Lova Crypto, no compensation is provided. Their site has a meager set of tools, calls from hidden numbers are practiced, training is paid. Apart from empty promises there is nothing interesting.

What indicates that Forex broker Lova Crypto is a scam?

The company has no documents, and the reviews are negative. Training is paid, there are additional services, limit on payouts and use of strategies. Lova Crypto is a scam who charges arbitrary commissions, transfers data to third parties, promises instant profits. There is no information about risks on their site, and the website Lovacrypto.com is made on a standard template. Plus, there are advertisements, third-party links. The company does not fulfill its obligations, does not follow the user agreement, and is not controlled by financial authorities. Forex broker Lova Crypto calls from hidden numbers, makes up false success stories, blocks access to accounts, automatically closes trades. There are no normal payment systems, which also indicates that Lova Crypto is a fraud. The support service does not work, the interests of clients are not protected in any way.

Basic information about Forex broker Lova Crypto

The company only pretends to be reliable, but in reality it is not. There are no licenses, no documents indicating the legality of its activities. Lova Crypto is a fraud and it does not pass audits, does not publish financial statements. There is no regulatory oversight. Website Lovacrypto.com is made on a standard template, technical errors constantly occur, and pages load slowly. The domain name is registered relatively recently, although the broker says that it has been providing services for several years. Lova Crypto is a scam, so it is better not to open an account here, otherwise you will just waste money, time and nerves.

Registration and review of the personal cabinet of Forex broker Lova Crypto

The functionality is limited, the free number of instruments too. If you want to have access to fundamental analysis, then you have to pay.  In reviews about Lova Crypto they wrote that the broker's personal cabinet is inconvenient, ill-conceived, not logical. Plus, it does not display the history of trading operations. Registration is simplified. Clients are required to provide a minimal set of information to open an account. Verification is also insufficient, which contributes to data leakage. Forex broker Lova Crypto does not ask to create complex passwords, which only increases the probability of unauthorized access to the account. The company does not use encryption and resells data to third parties.

Lova Crypto: A broker that will cost you money

Terms of work with Forex broker Lova Crypto

You can’t get familiar with the user agreement, and commissions are not spelled out anywhere. All fees are charged arbitrarily. There are too many false promises, third-party links on the website Lovacrypto.com. Leverage is provided on unfavorable terms. Lova Crypto is a fraud who is limiting clients in strategies, payouts, as well as in the use of tools. This is what the broker lures you with:

  • profit from the first trade (for Forex broker Lova Crypto this is a normal practice, and this is how you start to get acquainted with the company);
  • unbelievable commissions;
  • risk-free trading (on the website Lovacrypto.com there is no information anywhere that traders can suffer potential losses);
  • expert advice;
  • courses.

Lova Crypto is scam, preventing you from getting what you earn. There is no compliance with standards and regulations and no regulatory oversight here.

Types of Forex broker Lova Crypto trading accounts

It is impossible to get acquainted with the detailed list of tariffs, as it is not presented anywhere, as well as information about commissions, fees, refund methods. The website Lovacrypto.com has a lot of advertisements and third-party links, so you need to spend a lot of time to find clear data about the types of accounts. Thus, the broker can open standard, professional, ECN and VIP accounts. In reviews about Lova Crypto it was written that they differ only in the size of the initial deposit.

Trading platforms at Forex broker Lova Crypto

No one will suggest you using normal terminals, as the company has its own vision of the trading process. Lova Crypto website has links for downloading MetaTrader 4 and 5, but these are copies that lead to losses. The tools and functionality are limited, quotes do not correspond to reality.

How is the process of account replenishment and refund at Forex broker Lova Crypto?

The company offers to use unknown payment systems, as well as to make transfers via employee cards. Forex broker Lova Crypto does not protect traders' data during transactions, as it does not use special encryption, which means that anyone can get hold of it. Plus, there are additional commissions and fees, which, of course, no one informs you about. As for the return, everything is complicated and confusing. The process is organized in such a way that the client eventually refuses, because time and nerves are more expensive. In reviews about Lovacrypto.com you can read that money does not come to anyone, as the broker simply does not provide payouts.

Verification of Forex broker Lova Crypto

The procedure is as simplified as possible, there are no strict requirements for documents. The company does not ask you to confirm your identity by uploading a passport photo or driver's license. Lova Crypto is a scam, so it does not offer to set two-factor authentication for access to accounts. Transactions are not verified in any way, and in some cases, re-verification is performed to "clarify" some details. Such a simplified procedure facilitates data theft, as fraudsters can easily create multiple accounts using customer information.

Additional services of Forex broker Lova Crypto

In addition to promises of instant earnings from the first trade, the company imposes automated trading, as well as various tools that can only be used to earn a negative balance. Additional services of Forex broker Lova Crypto include:

  • trading signals designed for "selected users";
  • personal consulting with financial analysts or "experienced" traders;
  • paid courses, after which you can earn several thousand dollars at once;
  • protection against negative balance (of course, Forex broker Lova Crypto requires a certain fee for using the function).

Also, the company offers a subscription to a "unique" newsletter and access to economic news.

Reviews about Forex broker Lova Crypto

There are a lot of negative comments on the Internet, indicating that the company should not be trusted. There are complaints about non-return of funds, manipulation of trading operations, unprofessional behavior. Lova Crypto is a fraud, and the presence of negative reviews is proof of that.

Conclusions about Forex broker Lova Crypto

Given the available information, low rating, and negative reviews, this company cannot be recommended as a reliable partner. The company operates without licenses, charges additional commissions, and is not controlled by the regulator.

Lova Crypto is a fraud, which is silent about risks, calls from hidden numbers, runs aggressive advertising in the network. You won't be able to make money with it, as the broker prevents it in every possible way.


Question: How does the broker protect clients' data?
Answer: It doesn’t. The company actively transfers personal information to third parties.

Question: What should I do if trades are constantly closed automatically?
Answer: Open an account with a normal, licensed company where you can really make money.

Question: What to do if the broker does not provide payouts?
Answer: Ideally, you should contact the support service to solve the problem. But the broker does not have a working one, and since he is a scammer, it is impossible to get money.

Question: How can I check the broker's license?
Answer: They should be on the website of the company or regulator. But, in this case, such documents are simply absent.

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