Forex broker IG-Canada is engaged in scamming of funds

Forex broker IG-Canada is fraud

There are more scammers and fewer normal companies. Alas, but it is difficult to make money on the stock market, as there is a possibility of losing money and not because of an unsuccessful transaction. Forex broker IG-Canada is not recommended for cooperation, for he is the easiest scammer, leading to losses.

Why is Forex broker IG-Canada a scam?

No one informs about the potential risks. There are many false success stories on the site, there are advertisements, and loud promises of quick earnings. The behavior is unprofessional, the support team is not working, and additional fees are actively charged. This is what indicates that IG-Canada is a fraud:

  • Website. There is no secure connection, the interface is awkward, the domain name is registered recently. Sections are not filled out, there are errors in text blocks;
  • limited number of tools. IG-Canada is a fraud that does not allow you to use analytics or assets without paying a fee;
  • training. The broker does not have articles, books, which are usually published on the site. Instead, it offers to buy a course, which is dedicated to a section on the IG-Canada website;
  • no payouts. It is unrealistic to get the earned money. IG-Canada is the most common scam and it prevents you from withdrawing.

The company does not behave professionally. There is too intrusive advertising, third-party links to the IG-Canada website, and trading conditions are not clearly stated. The broker actively sends spam, calls from hidden numbers even to those who have nothing to do with trading.  All this indicates that IG-Canada scam

Forex broker licenses IG-Canada

There are none. The company does not confirm the legality of its activities in any way, and there is no information about it in the registers. The regulator does not follow it, which indicates that IG-Canada scam.

Registration and overview of the Forex broker IG-Canada personal cabinet

The process looks more simplified. Just a few clicks and you can start trading, but in fact, you need to provide too many documents, including bank account information. IG-Canada reviews mentioned  that the broker does not care about security and does not work like similar sites. The personal cabinet is inconvenient. The design looks professional, but charts are displayed incorrectly, and many active buttons simply do not work. IG-Canada is a scam that does not provide payments. And also, in the personal cabinet is not provided for communication with the support service. It basically does not answer, and the contact information on the site is just a formality.

Terms of work with Forex broker IG-Canada

Since it is a scammer, you should not count on informing about risks, round-the-clock support, free training. No one gets profit here, and the IG-Canada website is not completely filled. Here is what you can count on when opening an account here (what the company promises when luring clients):

  • profit from the first transaction;
  • the first million by the end of the month;
  • unique trading strategies that have no analogs;
  • access to "exclusive" assets;
  • analytics from leading experts;
  • low commissions (only they are not fixed);
  • convenient, fast withdrawal (no one gets the money).

The company guarantees that trading is possible without losses, and also actively imposes a paid course.

Types of trading accounts at Forex broker IG-Canada

Here are the types of accounts the broker can offer:

  • Standard. The conditions do not seem to differ from those offered by normal brokers, but here they promise big bonuses, the only thing is that no one explains how they can be used;
  • premium. IG-Canada Forex broker for an increased fee offers almost everything the same, however, you can still use the services of a personal manager and get advice.

It also actively offers to pay for account management and conduct transactions with the help of employee cards. Naturally, there is no demo account here.

Trading terminals at Forex broker IG-Canada

You should not expect that here you can work with the official version of MetaTrader, as the company offers copies of it and some other dubious platform that nobody knew about before. IG-Canada is a fraud and it actively publishes false data, executes orders with delays, and the support service simply ignores clients.

Terms of deposit and refund at Forex broker IG-Canada

The company offers big bonuses for depositing money into the account, but in fact, there is no way to use them, for too many pitfalls pop up. On the IG-Canada website very concisely written about payment systems, commissions, transactions. There is no mention of compensation anywhere. IG-Canada is a fraud, charging hidden fees, changing the terms of the user agreement. Withdrawal requests may be rejected automatically, as well as creating a number of obstacles to receive your earnings.

Verification at Forex broker IG-Canada

It differs from the standard procedure in legal companies in that you need to provide too much personal information, as well as bank statements and credit card information.

Additional services of Forex broker IG-Canada

Familiarity with the company begins with loud promises. Allegedly, only with it you can reach the income, and if you buy "exclusive" strategies, you can earn a million by the end of the week. On the IG-Canada website can find offers to subscribe to trading signals, which will also contribute to the successful closing of transactions. But Forex broker IG-Canada makes sure that all transactions do not bring any profit. Apart from this, there are other services:

  • account management with the help of a manager. Allegedly, a specially trained person will generate maximum profits, but in fact he will simply lead to losses, for it is not in his interest for the trader to earn;
  • paid courses. If you understand, this is the most common training, which normal brokers have for free. Also, the company can entice you to participate in seminars where unknown lecturers share fictitious success stories.

IG-Canada is a fraud. It offers VIP-services involving individual consultations, selection of "unique, profitable" strategies and more.

Reviews about Forex broker IG-Canada

Everything says that the company is not suitable for earning money. There are obstacles to obtaining funds, there is price manipulation. People write a lot of bad comments about the broker, pointing to its unreliability and low quality of service. Positive IG-Canada reviews do not meet.

Conclusions about Forex broker IG-Canada

It is difficult to call the broker legal or adequate. There are no documents, IG-Canada reviews is negative. The company actively imposes paid courses, calls from hidden numbers, behaves assertively and aggressively. IG-Canada is a fraud and that’s why you should not open an account here. In addition to problems with licenses, the company has a very poorly made website. In the IG-Canada review they wrote that it hangs, elements are displayed incorrectly and there is no secure connection. Forex broker IG-Canada is a scammer who simply cheats traders.


  • Question: Can I expect a payout?
  • Answer: No.
  • Question: Does the broker have its own terminal?
  • Answer: No. It offers to use copies of existing ones.
  • Question: Can I get my money back?
  • Answer: No. The broker does not provide for this.
  • Question: Can I make an instant withdrawal?
  • Answer: Yes, but the money will not arrive on your card.
  • Question: Has anyone received payments?
  • Answer: Yes, but these are the people who were really lucky, because the company does not process requests anymore.


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