Expo Trust: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Expo Trust Forex broker review: scammer!

In the vast and often murky world of Forex trading, Expo Trust has been making waves. However, not all waves are beneficial, and in this case, many traders have been left capsized in their wake. This article intends to serve as a beacon of knowledge, guiding you away from the deceptive shores of Expo Trust.

Registration and Licensing

The legitimacy of any broker lies in its registration and licensing. A reliable broker is always registered and operates under the watchful eyes of regulatory bodies. But when it comes to Expo Trust, we hit a brick wall. The lack of verifiable information on their registration and licensing raises a red flag. This lack of transparency brings the integrity and legality of their operations under scrutiny.

Customer Feedback: A Tale of Two Sides

Customer feedback is a crucial aspect of a broker’s reputation. It provides potential clients with a glimpse into the broker's operations and reliability. Let's dive into what traders have to say about Expo Trust.

Positive Reviews: A Smokescreen?

There are some positive reviews from clients who claim to have received high profits through their collaboration with Expo Trust. However, there’s a catch. Such reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, as they could be fabricated or written by the company's employees to lure in new clients.

Negative Reviews: The Real Picture

The more substantial feedback paints a different picture. Traders working with Expo Trust have reported issues ranging from an inability to withdraw funds, account blockages, to non-existent support from the company. These factors point towards Expo Trust being a less than competent and reliable Forex broker.

Communication with Expo Trust: A Harrowing Experience

The professionalism and competence of a broker's representatives play a significant role in building trust. However, dealing with Expo Trust's representatives is akin to walking on thin ice. They often fail to provide clear answers and resort to aggressive behavior when confronted with challenges. This unprofessional attitude erodes the trust in Expo Trust and questions its reliability.

Expo Trust: A Scammer in Broker's Clothing?

If you've unfortunately fallen prey to Expo Trust's fraudulent activities and lost your money, there are a few options available for recovery:

  1. Report to the law enforcement agencies: If you're convinced that you've been scammed, filing a complaint with the police or relevant authority to initiate an investigation is an option.
  2. Seek help from specialized lawyers: Certain firms and lawyers specialize in recovering funds from fraudulent brokers. They possess experience in handling such cases and can aid you in your quest for justice.
  3. Share your experience: Sharing your experience with Expo Trust can help others avoid falling into the scammer's trap. Social media platforms, forums, and blogs serve as effective channels to spread awareness and caution others about the potential risks of dealing with this company.


Expo Trust raises serious doubts about its reliability and honesty. The absence of registration and licensing, negative customer feedback, and incompetent service all point towards Expo Trust being a fraudulent company, with the sole objective of deceiving traders. Be vigilant and cautious when choosing your broker to avoid falling into the trap of scammers.


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