Justness Expert: A Scammer Broker Exposed

Don't open an account with Forex broker Justness Expert

Alas, scammers have not gone anywhere, and every day there are new companies posing as normal intermediaries. Forex broker Justness Expert is just such a company. It works illegally, without documents, licenses and control by the regulator. Clients' interests are not protected, as well as their data. This is a common scammer, swindling money. Justness Expert reviews are negative, the reputation is bad. There are additional payments. It is impossible to request a withdrawal.

What indicates that Forex broker Justness Expert is a scammer?

The company operates without documents, has problems with payments, many complaints from clients. It charges made-up payments, does not comply with current regulations and standards. Justness Expert is a scam, imposing paid training, investing in non-existent assets. It transfers data to third parties, persuades you to trade without risk, lures you with instant profits. Justnessexpert.com website is of poor quality. Most of the elements are displayed incorrectly. The broker has a lot of advertising, there are third-party links on the website. The site is not suitable for anyone, including advanced users. Forex broker Justness Expert is not controlled by financial authorities, makes up false stories, deceives clients, and keeps silent about risks. Transactions are conducted through unknown payment systems. Justness Expert is a fraud who ignores traders' appeals, so it is better not to do business with this intermediary.

Basic information about Forex broker Justness Expert

This is an illegal site that only pretends to be licensed. There are no documents indicating its legitimacy. Justness Expert website is made on a standard, very ordinary template, and on its main page there are only advertisements and loud promises. There are no financial statements or contact details. The domain name is newly registered. Justnessexpert.com is a fraud, which has created a legend for itself about successful work for several years. In fact, it is not. Its website is slow to load, there is no secure connection. Justness Expert is a scam, which makes the site not the best option for cooperation.

Registration and review of the personal cabinet of Forex broker Justness Expert

The functionality is poor, the list of tools is limited. Almost everything is paid, which is not surprising. The broker's cabinet itself is inconvenient, which has been repeatedly written about in reviews about Justness Expert. The interface is illogical, unfinished, elements are displayed incorrectly. Trading history is not shown. Registration at Forex broker Justness Expert looks quite simple, because a minimal set of data is required, but this approach contributes to data leakage. The company does not insist on setting complex passwords and does not use encryption to protect data.

Terms of work with Forex broker Justness Expert

The user agreement is hidden, it is impossible to familiarize with it, as well as with the documents. Tariffs are not described, commissions are not stated either. They are arbitrary, so it all depends on the case or type of deal. On the Justnessexpert.com website you can read "success" stories as well as promotional offers. There are questionable assets that are actively suggested to consider as an investment option. Justness Expert is a fraud, it restricts everything, especially the size of payouts. But here's what it offers:

  • instant profit from the first trade (this is where you start to get acquainted with Forex broker Justness Expert);
  • risk-free trading (the Justness Expert website says that you can trade without losses, because the company provides all the necessary tools for this);
  • working with "top" experts (for a fee, but even standard account holders can count on consultations);
  • courses, thanks to which you can immediately start earning income.

Justness Expert is a scam, so there is no point in opening an account here, of course, if you do not want to lose money. Do not think that the company provides payouts or supports clients. Their interests, as well as data, are not protected in any way.

Types of Forex broker Justness Expert trading accounts

To understand the broker's offers, you need to spend enough time studying the Justnessexpert.com website. The necessary information is not on the main page, and the tariffs are not fully spelled out. The broker offers to open a standard, professional, ECN or VIP account. But according to the Justness Expert reviews, they are all the same, only the size of the initial deposit differs.

Trading platforms at Forex broker Justness Expert

There are no normal, familiar terminals. The company has done everything possible to make traders trade at a loss. You can download MetaTrader 4 and 5 from the Justness Expert website, but in fact they are unfinished copies.

Can I earn money with Justness Expert?

Deposit and refund at Forex broker Justness Expert?

The company imposes dubious, little-known payment systems, and also asks to conduct transactions through the cards of its employees. Allegedly, this way you can save on commissions. Forex broker Justness Expert does not provide data protection, so the probability of data leakage is extremely high during any financial transactions. There is no special encryption, but there are more than enough additional commissions and fees. It is impossible to return the funds, as well as to make a payment. In reviews about Justnessexpert.com it was written that the company hinders in every possible way to get the earned money.  

Verification of Forex broker Justness Expert

Surprisingly, the broker does not ask you to confirm your identity by uploading a standard set of documents. Instead, the procedure was simplified as much as possible, and two-factor authentication doesn’t exist. Justness Expert is a scam, it is negligent about data protection, so their theft and resale to third parties is absolutely normal for this platform.

Additional services of Forex broker Justness Expert

The company not only lures you with implausible promises, but also imposes dubious instruments, investing in non-existent funds, and other services. Forex broker Justness Expert has additional services:

  • strategies "for chosen ones". They are supposedly individualized, but in reality they are a standard set of trading rules;
  • personal consulting with analysts, "successful traders". Naturally, you have to pay for such an opportunity, but you can take advantage of a "unique" offer and get new knowledge;
  • courses, which are constantly sold at a discount and after passing which you can earn several thousand from the first transaction;
  • protection against negative balance (the function is provided by Forex broker Justness Expert on a paid basis).

There is a subscription to a "unique" newsletter, which can be used to receive standard economic news.

Reviews about Forex broker Justness Expert

If there are positive reviews, they are most likely created with the help of special bots, because all clients of the company complain about the quality of services, lack of payments, manipulations with trading operations. Justness Expert is a fraud. It has unprofessional behavior, no transparency, no documents, no control from the regulator. Plus, it  always passes personal data to third parties.

Conclusions about Forex broker Justness Expert

If we take into account all the data about the site, low rating and negative reviews, this company is not suitable for cooperation. Strange conditions, dubious schemes, as well as the complete absence of payouts suggests that Justness Expert is a fraud.


Q: What does the broker do to protect data?
Answer: Nothing. The company facilitates data transfer to third parties.

Q: What should I do if even profitable trades are closed automatically?
A: Become a client of another company, as it is impossible to work here.

Q: What should I do if I can't get paid?
A: Ideally, you should contact the support service at once so that the problem could be solved as soon as possible. But the broker does not have it, because it is a common fraudster who does not provide the earned money.

Q: How can I check if the broker has a license?
A: It should be presented on the site of regulators or the company. But this platform works unofficially, so there are no documents indicating legality.

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