Alienware M16 R2 Laptop: Features

Dell: Two new QD-OLED monitors

Dell's gaming brand, Alienware, is about to release a new series of laptops: the X16 R2, M18 R2 and M16 R2. And that's not all: Dell is also planning two new and pretty amazing QD-OLED screens.

Dell and Alienware unveiled three new laptop models at CES 2024. The X16 R2, the M18 R2, which replaces the power-hungry M18, and the M16 R2 were unveiled.

Of particular interest is the M16 R2, which received a number of improvements over the previous version introduced in 2023. Retaining the design of the Alienware PC with LEDs on the keyboard and back cover, the manufacturer introduced a stealth mode that is activated by a single key press on the keyboard.

This stealth mode is a welcome innovation. Alienware gaming laptops have an annoying tendency to display very intrusive lights and colors. A little more clarity and stability wouldn't hurt.

A laptop built for gamers

Furthermore, the laptop should become less imposing in size thanks to the removal of the thermal pad on the back of the screen. This reduces the volume of the M16 R2 by about 14%. From a technical perspective, the computer features a 16-inch QHD IPS LCD screen with an impressive 240Hz refresh rate.

As for the internal architecture, it's powered by an Intel Core Ultra Meteor Lake processor accompanied by an Nvidia Geforce RTX 4070 graphics card at maximum power, while the battery boasts a 90Wh capacity.

For now, the new lineup of Alienware laptops, including the M16 R2, has no official release date or price. However, Dell expects the computers to go on sale in March.

Impressive Gaming Monitors

Also on display are two new gaming monitors: the 32-inch 4K QD-OLED Gaming Monitor Alienware (AW3225QF) and the 27-inch QD-OLED Gaming Monitor Alienware (AW2725DF). These models have been previously unveiled by Dell, which offers a 3-year warranty.

The AW3225QF features a curved QD-OLED 4K display with a native refresh rate of 240Hz. The AW2725DF, on the other hand, is the first QD-OLED gaming monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate.

Unfortunately, QD-OLED technology is particularly prone to screen burn-in, so let's hope Dell's 3-year warranty will suffice. It would be a shame if screens of this quality burn out too quickly.

The monitors will cost $1,200 for the 32-inch model and $900 for the 27-inch model.


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