An overview of Citrix Systems Inc

Citrix Systems Inc

An American IT company Founded in 1990, Citrix Systems is a global provider of open-source Xen products and technologies for server virtualization, networking, SaaS, and cloud computing.

The company is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with development centers in California, Massachusetts, Australia, India United Kingdom. Citrix has led the open-source hypervisor project since acquiring XenSourc in October 2008. It has led the open-source hypervisor project since October 2008

Citrix company history

An American IT company Citrix was founded in 1990 by Ed Iacobucci, former IBM programmer, with $4,000,000 in Richardson, Texas. Shortly thereafter, Iacobucci moved the company to Coral Springs, Florida, where he lived.
An American IT company Citrix was originally called Citrus, but it had to change the name because another company claimed the trademark. The name Citrix is a combination of the words Citrus and UNIX. Most of the founders had worked on IBM OS projects.
Iacobucci planned to add multi-user support to OS/2, but IBM was not interested in the idea and Iacobucci left the company. Microsoft offered Iacobucci the position of technical director of the Networking Group but Iacobucci declined and founded Citrix MULTIUSER on the basis of OS/2. Citrix hoped to wrest market share from UNIX by overtaking IBM and simplifying the implementation of OS/2 text-based applications by licensing source code Microsoft. When Microsoft withdrew support for OS/2.3 in 1991 and announced that it would no longer support it, the product found no way out. Roberts, a native Texan, came to Citrix from Texas Instrument.
The company was loss-making from 1990 to 1996, making no profit in 1990 and 1991. Between 1992 and 1994, Citrix received fundng from Intel and Microsoft, also from private investors. Without this investment, Citrix would not have survived. In 1994, Citrix acquired Novell's Netware Acess Server, a remote access application using DOS, and the Quarterdeck Extended Memory Manager. This product offered multi-user workstations and server applications much like Terminal Server. Citrix developed and launched WinView, the company's first successful product, which was launched in December 1996.


  • Citrix Delivery Center

    Citrix delivery centers, including Xen Desktop, XenApp, Xen Server, and Net Scaler, virtualize servers, workstations, and applications. They are consolidated in the data center and deployed as an on-demand service.

    • XenDesktop is a comprehensive virtual desktop that provides remote access to business applications and desktops from a PC, Mac, smartphone, or thin client.

    • Citrix Xen App is an on-demand app solution that virtualizes, centralizes, and manages all Windows® applications in the data center and delivers them instantly as a service. They are instantly available as a service, regardless of where users are located or what devices they use.

    • XenServer is a virtual machine controller for x86, x86-64, and Itanium architectures that allows multiple guest operating systems to run simultaneously on a single machine, allowing a single machine to be used as a workstation. Citrix has been offering the Xen Server virtualization platform free of charge and without restriction in production environments since April 2010. Netscaler uses advanced L4-7 load balancing and traffic management to improve performance and optimize availability.

  • Citrix OpenCloud

    Citrix OpenCloud enables organizations to deploy hybrid clouds and provides service providers with cloud solutions for enterprise workloads. With a rich, open technology platform that supports virtualization, networking, and application delivery while transforming the way networks connect and identify, IT and service providers can create and manage secure, multi-tenant cloud environments to support enterprise workloads.

  • GoToMeeting

    GoToMeeting is a web-based video conferencing tool that allows up to 20 people to participate in web meetings; Go ToAssist allows users to view and manage remote computers for technical support; and GoToView allows workspaces to be recorded online and shared over the Internet.


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