ChatGPT now has memory and remembers everything you ask it to do

ChatGPT remembers: a new OpenAI feature

OpenAI provides memory to ChatGPT so it can remember your requests and recognize you when you are using it. The Sam Altman-led company has announced the introduction of memory as a central feature of its artificial intelligence chatbots. The goal is to improve the user experience and make future conversations more convenient.

Chatgpt's memory operates in two modes. In manual mode, you can ask the chatbot to remember something specific, while in automatic mode it does not require interaction and accumulates during use. OpenAI wants artificial intelligence to learn about you, so if you mention specific details about your profession or preferences, the chatbot will register them.

At first glance, this may seem like a privacy nightmare, but there is an option to disable this feature in the settings menu. According to OpenAI, ChatGPT memories can be managed from the "Personalize" section, which allows users to view or delete memories individually. You can also ask him or her to delete memories with the chat window instructions.

Chat Memories

According to OpenAI, ChatGPT will not be able to remember sensitive information, as this new feature adds privacy and security issues. The company says the final decision rests with the user, but it is taking steps to assess and mitigate any bias.

"We may use the content you provide to ChatGPT, including memories, to improve our model for everyone. If desired, you can disable this feature in your data management settings," the blog post states.

ChatGPT memories will be enabled for a small number of subscribers to the Plus and Free editions. OpenAI will test the feature to tweak details and fix bugs before a broader rollout.

How Memory Works in ChatGPT

Memory in ChatGPT is a feature that allows artificially intelligent chatbots to remember your interactions and make more precise requests in the future. Memory is the next level of personalized instructions and the ability to add context about us and the responses we expect. OpenAI has taken the last steps to incorporate memory into the model and it will soon be available to all users.

ChatGPT has memory enabled by default in the user settings so you will notice changes in the future without having to realize it. The chatbot records your likes and dislikes, the types of questions you ask, and the format in which you request answers using machine learning. You can also explicitly tell it exactly what you want to save.

OpenAI ChatGPT chatbot option to remove reminders

If you are concerned that OpenAI is storing more information than you need, you can disable this feature in the Customize section. In this section you can manage it and delete all content, sentence by sentence or group by group. There is also a temporary chat option similar to a private browser window that does not use memory and does not appear in the chat history.

OpenAI says that memory will be available to enterprise users and ChatGPT teams, but it will not train models on that data.


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