Expo Trust: Beware of the scammer

Beware of Forex broker Expo Trust, for this is a common scammer

What indicates broker fraud?

Forex broker Expo Trust hides reporting, has a dubious license. There is no control from the regulator, unfortunately, the information in the registers is not displayed. Nothing indicates the legality of the activity. On the main page of Expo Trust website there are no documents, as well as contact information for contacting the company representatives. The site itself looks frankly bad. In fact, it is the most common template, made hastily. There are errors in the text blocks, the interface is ill-conceived. Only this is enough to realize that Expo Trust is scam. By the way, the domain is registered relatively recently, there are no clear commissions anywhere. Links do not work, there are third-party links, the section with training is not completely filled. In general, access to educational resources is strangely organized, for only a few articles are available for free. There is no complete information about trading conditions. It looks frankly strange and you do not even need to have enough experience to realize that this is a typical scammer.

Registration and personal cabinet

Everything here is also too cramped, which once again proves that Expo Trust is a scam. Registration is too easy, because it requires a minimum amount of personal information, and there is no verification procedure at all. Although, its presence indicates the legitimacy of the broker. Although Forex broker Expo Trust has minimized the registration form, but the bank card details are requested. Plus, it has unusually high bonuses for new clients, which are credited as a friendly greeting. Naturally, no one informs about the risks, as well as about additional commissions. The trading terms and conditions are as complicated as possible, with an excess of terminology, which makes them difficult to understand. If you carefully read the Expo Trust reviews you can understand that the support service does not work, so you should not wait for a response. There is only one way to contact the operators and it is not up to date.

Expo Trust is scam, for his personal account is not protected in any way and here are some other characteristics that raise suspicion:

  • there's no encrypted connection;
  • low quality of the interface. The design is poor, charts are displayed incorrectly, most of the analytical tools are not available;
  • problems with functionality. Many active buttons do not work, there are links that do not lead anywhere, the history of financial transactions is not displayed.

My personal cabinet is constantly crashing, data is not displayed in real time. There is a suspicion that the broker transfers personal information of clients to third parties. Expo Trust is scam and it asks to periodically update information on fake sites, and it never keeps traders' money on separate accounts. There have also been cases when "representatives" of the company asked to install third-party software, which in fact turned out to be malicious and contributed to data theft.

What does this company offer?

Forex broker Expo Trust has no fixed commissions and compared to the market commissions, they are a bit high, although the intermediary convinces you otherwise. This is what he usually tries to lure traders with:

  • unrealistic promises of high returns. Yes, Expo Trust is a typical scam and it guarantees fast earnings with minimal investment;
  • implausible sign-up bonuses;
  • "exclusive" trading signals that will definitely lead to profits. This once again indicates that Expo Trust fraud;
  • paid training, thanks to which you can get rich right away.

In terms of accounts, the following options are available on the Expo Trust website

  • standard with unusually low spreads and hidden commissions;
  • VIP. In the Expo Trust reviews they wrote that the broker offers consultation of a personal manager, "exclusive" services, more favorable conditions. In fact, it is the most ordinary account, just the deposit size is significantly larger.
  • Expo Trust scam, so he offers to use fake versions of popular MetaTrader platforms. Naturally, you cannot make money with such terminals, because they are set up so that all trades are unprofitable.

How do I fund my account?

Forex broker Expo Trust has a limited number of payment systems. They are not well known, which makes them risky for any financial transactions. The company does not cooperate with European banks and does not use special accounts to store clients' funds. Plus, Expo Trust reviews wrote that it often offers unsecured web pages for transactions. This is unsafe as credit card information can be intercepted by third parties. The broker has additional commissions that are not marked anywhere.  It is difficult to make a withdrawal on Expo Trust website. The application is constantly rejected, there are new requirements, additional obstacles. It is also unrealistic to return the funds, because for this you need to perform an impossible number of trading operations or reach unrealistic volumes. Plus, in the process of return the trader risks losing not only money, but also personal data.

Verification and additional services

Expo Trust is scam, which uses identity verification as a deceptive scheme. It requests an excessive number of documents and delays the application process, especially when making the first withdrawal. The broker actively imposes paid courses, promising instant profit after taking them. Also, for a certain price it offers to purchase "exclusive" trading signals, unique strategies.

Broker Reviews

Surprisingly, there are positive comments about the work of Forex broker Expo Trust, which can be found on various sites. But, in general, most of the reviews are negative, which indicates fraud and low quality of services. People write that most often they face problems with receiving payments and psychological pressure.


Expo Trust is scam, so you should not open an account here. There are a number of signs indicating illegal activity, plus, there is a probability that the earned money will remain on the account. Training is paid, conditions are unclear, there are additional payments. Data is not protected in any way, the site is incomplete, documents are hidden.


Question: Is there an authorization to operate in Europe?
Answer: no.

Q: What is the registration process like?

Answer: You need to fill out the online form on the website, providing card details, name, residential and e-mail address, and phone number.
Q: Can I have more than one trading account?
The answer is yes.

Question: What currency pairs and assets are available for trading?
Answer: The list is limited. These are mostly major currency pairs, shares of unknown companies.

Q: Is there a support service?
Answer: no.


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