What's new about Android 15?

Android 15: Widgets on the lock screen

After the launch of Android 14, Google is looking to release a new OS - Android 15. There is talk of Google wanting to bring back one of the features from earlier versions of Android. Specifically, this could be the return of widgets to the lock screen of the smartphone.

Google recently released the latest version of its mobile operating system, Android 14. This OS didn't get much better compared to the previous Android 13, but it brought a lot of problems to users. At the time of release, the OS was full of bugs, so much so that some Pixel smartphones running Android 14 were stuck in an endless reboot cycle.

However, Android 14 has room for more than just bugs. Google has added a few new features, but not all of them are handy and useful, such as apps that recognize screenshots. It appears that the most interesting news and sweeping changes Google is holding for the next version of its OS.

Android 15 will introduce Private Space, a tool that allows you to hide apps. Moreover, new information suggests that a feature previously present in Android 4.2 may return: widgets integrated into a smartphone's lock screen.

Widgets are making a comeback

Hints scattered around the latest beta version of the OS reveal details about the feature. The return of widgets shouldn't come as a surprise considering Apple has been offering a similar system since iOS 16. Google doesn't want its users to feel left out, so it may bring back the feature. It's far from new - it's more like a new take on a mobile OS classic.

Widgets would be accessible from a shared space on the lock screen of compatible devices. This would allow customization of various gadgets. These include Google Calendar, Google Clock and Google App, among others.

Obviously, this service is not yet perfected and may be reserved for Google's larger-screen devices such as the Pixel Tablet. This is due to the fact that the widgets, being implemented in the Android beta, overlap each other, so they are not very convenient to use.

That's probably all that's known about this feature, which may return in Android 15. Be patient. This much-loved feature disappeared almost 10 years ago, but it won't be long before we'll be able to use it again.


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