Exposing the Truth: Review of ExoCoin, the Forex trading scam

An In-depth Review of ExoCoin, the Forex Fraudster


Forex trading, a market that trades over $6 trillion a day, has unfortunately not been safe from fraudulent activities. With huge sums of money floating around in the unregulated market, it becomes a fertile ground for scams to flourish. This subject is deeply concerning for investors who want to earn money from Forex trading but find it difficult to discern legitimate brokers from fraudulent ones. In this article, we'll delve into one such suspicious broker - ExoCoin.

ExoCoin operates in the cryptocurrency niche and presents itself as a lucrative platform for income generation. However, there are numerous red flags around this broker that have led many to question their legitimacy. Despite facing several allegations, ExoCoin remains operational, continuing to rake in investments from unsuspecting traders around the globe. But why is ExoCoin considered a scam, and what makes it untrustworthy? Let's break it down.

Profile of ExoCoin

ExoCoin stormed the market with appealing promises of high returns and passive income, but a closer look raises several concerns. One of the most significant red flags is the lack of transparency. The company provides no information about who owns or runs the business. This anonymity is a common tactic amongst scams to prevent legal consequences. Also, the excessive use of ambiguous terms on their website indicates the organization may operate out of China, another region with limitations on legal recourse.

Moreover, exocoin.net has an alarmingly low trust rank. The website is classified as 'Controversial', 'High-Risk', and 'Unsafe'. Multiple factors contribute to this low rating, including its proximity to other suspicious sites and its concerning data on phishing, malware, and spam scores. Apart from these facts, ExoCoin withholds critical information from its users, including banking and regulatory details. Without these details, the safety of investments is compromised, and the company could go bankrupt without any notice.

Why is ExoCoin a Scam

ExoCoin's operation mode is the first evidence of its manipulative ways. The platform indulges in a two-tier investment plan, posing as a lending Ponzi scheme. Investors are made to invest in EXYS points, a digital currency created by ExoCoin, with the promise of huge daily returns. The returns are dependent on the investment amount and range from a daily ROI of 1% for 330 days to a 1% daily ROI plus a daily bonus rate for a reduced number of days. This type of high return, high risk investment model is a typical characteristic of a Ponzi scheme.

Additionally, ExoCoin also operates in a way that hints at a pyramid scheme. The free affiliates can only earn by referring and recruiting new members to the platform, creating a recruitment-dependent pyramid scheme.

Another crucial factor is the absence of retail products or services. Legitimate companies often have products or services to offer the customers, which form a basis for their profit. However, ExoCoin is solely based on the investment made by its members, a model often used by scam companies to funnel money from newcomers to older members and the top of the pyramid.

Results of Being Scammed by ExoCoin

The consequences of investing with a scam broker like ExoCoin can be severe. The primary consequence being the loss of all your investment. The company claims to provide a high and fast return on investment, but in reality, they could vanish with your money overnight. The lack of regulation implies that you cannot take legal action against the company.

The ExoCoin case has seen many innocent investors lose their money. Unsuspecting traders invest their hard-earned money hoping for high returns only to be left with nothing. Moreover, once tangled in such fraudulent schemes, it becomes difficult to recover the lost money. Many complaints and negative ExoCoin.net reviews highlight the bleak chances of reimbursement once you realize you've been duped.

Conclusion - Why Avoid ExoCoin

Having considered all these factors, it's evident that ExoCoin is not a platform to be trusted. The company's structure leans heavily towards the classic characteristics of a scam: anonymity of operators, lack of regulation, promise of unrealistically high returns, and operation model that mirrors Ponzi and pyramid schemes. What makes it worse is that ExoCoin exploits the excitement surrounding the lucrative Forex trading and the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, thus luring in many unsuspecting investors.

Forex trading is a proven avenue for generating significant profits, but falling for scams like ExoCoin can result in severe losses. It's essential always to be wary of platforms that offer quick and high returns without credible backing or clear operational procedures. Avoiding scams starts with comprehensive research, a thorough understanding of the Forex market, and an awareness of the dangers of fraudulent schemes posing as legitimate brokers.

In summary, ExoCoin embodies the characteristics of a scam broker and poses a high risk to investors. The wise move for any trader or investor would be to steer clear of this platform and rely on regulated and transparent brokers for Forex trading.


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