Unmasking the Deceptive Practices of Active Broker

Active Broker: Exposing a Brokerage Scam

Active Broker has been making waves in the financial industry, touting itself as a trusted brokerage firm that caters to all your trading needs. However, the reality of this firm is far from appealing. Multiple complaints and accusations have surfaced, accusing Active Broker of operating as a fraudulent brokerage scam. In this exposé, we will shed light on the tactics employed by Active Broker to deceive investors and lure them into their scam.

Promises of Unrealistic Returns

One of the most insidious techniques used by Active Broker to entice investors is offering unrealistic returns on investments. Through deceptive marketing strategies and false representations, the firm guarantees individuals significant profits within short periods, luring them with irresistible promises. But as soon as investors fall for these promises, Active Broker fails to honor them, leaving the investor at substantial loss while Active Broker reaps the benefits of their deceitful tactics.

Misleading Marketing Strategies

Another tactic that Active Broker employs to lure investors and deceive them is through misleading marketing strategies. The firm makes use of influencer marketing, partnering with notable individuals or organizations in the industry to endorse their services. These partnerships often fail to disclose the nature of the association, with many investors being unaware that they are dealing with a fraudulent brokerage.

Lack of Transparency and Accountability

Active Broker also fails to provide sufficient transparency and accountability in its operations. The firm does not provide adequate information regarding the risks and complexities of trading, leaving investors in the dark about the actual processes involved. This deliberate obscurity allows Active Broker to manipulate and exploit the vulnerabilities of unsuspecting investors, which eventually leads to significant losses.

Unwarranted Fees and Charges

Moreover, Active Broker imposes unwarranted fees and charges on investors, further exacerbating the detrimental impact of its deceptive tactics. Numerous reports suggest that the firm deducts substantial amounts from investments, camouflaging these charges under obscure terms and conditions. This exploitative behavior serves as a clear indication of Active Broker's fraudulent intent, as it seeks to extract funds from investors under the guise of legitimate trading practices.

Lack of Licensing and Regulation

Active Broker also operates without any proper licensing or regulatory body to oversee its activities, making it a severe violation of the industry norm. This absence of regulation increases the level of risk associated with investing with Active Broker, as investors have limited or no recourse to pursue their losses should the brokerage scam them.

Deceptive Sales Tactics

Active Broker is also notorious for utilizing deceptive sales tactics, such as cold calling and high-pressure sales tactics, to lure investors into signing up with their firm. These tactics often involve ex-barkers and telemarketers using high-pressure tactics to convince investors to sign up with the brokerage, resulting in significant losses for the investors.


In conclusion, the evidence presented above conspicuously exposes Active Broker as a fraudulent brokerage scam. Its tactics, such as offering unrealistic returns, misleading marketing strategies, lack of transparency and accountability, unwarranted fees and charges, lack of licensing and regulation, and deceptive sales tactics, collectively serve as a testament to the dubious nature of Active Broker's operations. The financial industry must work together to protect investors from falling prey to scams orchestrated by unscrupulous entities like Active Broker, thereby helping to safeguard the integrity of the industry and protect investors' interests.


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