Top 7 world companies with the largest capital

Top 7 World's Largest Companies

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the number of services offered over the Internet has increased dramatically, and more and more companies are trying to offer computer services.
Meanwhile, after the covid19 virus pandemic, online presence has become a prerequisite for the sale of any product or service.

Some companies have long become computer business empires, and the rapid growth of this sector has led to the fact that many of them are among the largest companies in the world.


Amazon is engaged not only in online retailing, but also in data distribution and cloud hosting. The latter are provided through Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has grown so large that other tech giants are losing market share to the IT services business empire.


One of the world's largest companies, Microsoft has long been at the forefront of software development, and its Windows operating system has become an icon of software development. Today the company is focused on developing enterprise programs such as Microsoft Team, Microsoft 365 and cloud data hosting services provided through Azure.


For many years it was the world leader in database and file hosting, but with the arrival of Amazon Web Services (AWS) it began to lose its market share.


Kaspersky has become a global leader in cybersecurity and operates in 195 countries. The Russian company develops software for information protection, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. It offers solutions for businesses and individuals.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems specializes in networking and telecommunications technologies and provides manufacturing, maintenance and consulting services. The company also has a publishing house, Cisco Press, which provides specialized training on all aspects related to computer networks.

Adobe Corp

The company develops software and application programming and offers a range of computer products for businesses and individuals. Despite the presence of huge technology giants in the market, Adobe manages to maintain its position through constant innovation and understanding of the market.

Alphabet Inc

This parent company owns Google Inc, Android Inc and YouTube Inc. However, thanks to the efforts of computer engineers in every division, Alphabet is among the leading developers, including major achievements of Android, which is the most used operating system in the world.


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