The 5 most successful startups in Spain: biggest growth in 2023

Top 5 most successful start-ups in Spain

The term "startup" has become quite popular in recent years, and we have noticed that people are showing a lot of interest in it. However, many people still confuse startups with traditional developing companies.

There are undoubtedly similarities between them, but there are also key differences.

What is a startup company? What is considered a startup?

Startups are young developing companies whose goal is to develop a unique product or service, bring it to the market and make it indispensable and irresistible for customers.

The most successful startups disrupt industries and change the world on a grand scale.

How do startups differ from traditional businesses?

First of all, startups are created by founders who dream of giving the world what it needs but has not yet created.

Innovation is a key element, which is accompanied by the financing process, associated risks, growth rates and the way profits are managed.


The main goal of a startup is to fill gaps in existing products or create completely new categories of goods and services, changing the way we think and consume. This is why many young companies are considered "disruptive."


Startups are much more risky because they require a lot of time and effort to create a new product or service, while traditional companies are focused only on expansion.


Startups typically take a few years to bear fruit, and any capital raised is immediately reinvested during that time to ensure success.


It takes months or even years for a startup to grow large enough for its products to be used by many consumers, while traditional companies aim to make a profit from day one.

Which startups are the most successful in Spain?

1. JobandTalent

Total amount of funds raised: 451 million euros (€).

It is a leading startup in the temporary contractor category. To date, more than 80 thousand workers have used its services for employment over the past year in 7 countries where it operates (UK, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, Mexico and Colombia).

More than 700 companies offer work on this platform and manage a large part of their workforce using it.

Major clients include Bayer, Carrefour, Ebay and Santander.

2. Devo

Total amount of funds raised: 345 million euros (€).

This is a startup that allows you to analyze data sets in real time thanks to its software platform. Its clients include companies such as Caixa, Telefónica and the US Air Force.

Devo's technology is ten times faster than the competition, making the company a leader in its category.

3. TravelPerk

Total amount of funds raised: 260 million euros (€).

TravelPerk is a travel and business travel company based in Barcelona.

Founded in 2015, it has more than 200 employees and in January announced the purchase of NextTravel and a deal with Southwest Airlines, and is seen as a future Spanish unicorn candidate.

4. Constella Intelligence

Total amount of funds raised: 150 million euros (€).

A startup resulting from the merger of two cybersecurity companies - 4iQ and Alto Analitics.

It is considered to be on par with Palantir, which went public in the US last year and has become one of the world leaders in the “digital risk protection” sector.

5. Factorial

Total amount of funds raised: 90 million euros (€).

Farrero, co-founder of Factorial, emphasizes that this is a hybrid model. “On the one hand, we are operators of companies that we create from scratch, and on the other hand, we are an investment fund that invests in early stages, such as Payflow or StockAgile.” What they are trying to do with Factorial is eliminate the administrative function.

This is a company that has attracted more than 3 thousand clients, first in Spain and now opening new markets around the world, has raised more than $20 million from investors from Silicon Valley, Berlin, Sweden and Madrid and is growing very strongly.< /p>


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