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NSE-BSE bulk deals: Aviator Global sells stake in NXT Digital


MUMBAI: Aviator Global Investment Finance today sold 73,174 shares involving NXT Digital with Rs. 33.some apiece through a bulk deal on the Nationwide Stock Exchange.

In an additional transaction, Visa Investment Partners sold 218,430 shares involving Libas Consumers Goods at Rs. 27.2 apiece by using a bulk deal for the NSE.

Meanwhile, Ipca Laboratories bought an additional 4.8 thousand shares of Lyka Labs at Rs. 130.4 each through multiple obstruct deals on the BSE.

Renowned investor Blue Khanna bought 22,344 shares involving Simran Farms with Rs. 135.a couple of per share via bulk deal for the BSE.

Following would be the other major bulk and block discounts that took place for the NSE and BSE today:

BSE bulk Deals Nov 24

BSE bulk Deals: November 24

BSE bulk Deals Nov 24

BSE bulk Deals: November 24

BSE Block Deals Nov

BSE Block Discounts: Nov 24

NSE Bulk Deals Nov

NSE Bulk Discounts: Nov 24

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