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Environmental justice in the balance

Jan 29th 2022THIRTY-FIVE YEARS in the past this month the United Church of Christ revealed a report that impressed a motion. Entitled “Poisonous wastes and race in the United States”, it documented what activists had lengthy claimed.…

In America, Omicron is spreading westward

Jan 22nd 2022LA GRANDE, OREGON, AND WASHINGTON, DCIN SOME PARTS of America, the Omicron variant seems to have peaked. Many states within the north-east and mid-Atlantic areas appear to have reached their highest level of covid-19 instances…

Merrick Garland and his critics

Jan 22nd 2022IT IS HARD to pinpoint a second at which the Republicans deserted democratic norms for the end-justifies-the-means energy politics that connects Mitch McConnell’s Senate management to Donald Trump’s demagoguery. But Mr…

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