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Ukraine newest: A war could have global consequences

Jan 28th 2022OVER 100,000 Russian troops are massed on Ukraine’s borders, in obvious preparation for a two-front assault that might divide Ukrainian forces and menace the capital, Kyiv. The percentages of war appear perilously excessive,…

Peace and order reign in the EU, but seldom near it

Jan 29th 2022PRESS A EUROCRAT arduous sufficient about the EU’s many imperfections, and in the end you hear a well-recognized defence. By no means thoughts about coddled French farmers or Polish populists tearing up the guidelines: the…

How will Europe cope if Russia cuts off its fuel?

Jan 24th 2022EVERY FOUR years the European Community of Transmission System Operators for Gasoline is required to hold out a simulation of catastrophe situations. In the newest such train final 12 months the ENTSOG boffins mulled 20 shades…

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