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Organised crime in Europe is thriving, says Europol

The pandemic has curbed neither demand for medicine nor alternatives for cyberfraudApr 12th 2021THE HYDRA was a fearsome beast. Lop off one of many legendary monster’s many heads and two would develop in its place.So it is scarcely…

Bulgaria’s prime minister stumbles badly at the polls

Apr 10th 2021“YOU WON’T make it by yourself…let’s unite,” stated Boyko Borisov, Bulgaria’s prime minister, standing forlornly in the snow quickly after the polls had closed on April 4th. Opinion pollsters had predicted that the man who has…

Does the Kremlin want Andrei Navalny to die in jail?

Apr 10th 2021VLADIMIR PUTIN might have hoped that locking up his primary political opponent in a harsh penal colony would lastly put him out of sight and out of thoughts. As a substitute, Alexei Navalny continues to torment the Russian…

How Netflix is creating a common European culture

Mar 31st 2021“BARBARIANS”, A NETFLIX drama set 2,000 years in the past in historic Germania, inverts some fashionable stereotypes. In it, attractive, impulsive, proto-German tribesmen tackle an oppressive superstate led by chilly, rational…

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