IT: Profitable areas for development

Work in IT: What to do

Today, digital transformation has affected almost all sectors and all companies. This opens up new job opportunities for many people, with good pay and development opportunities. If you want to not just work but build a fulfilling career, these 4 areas will suit you just fine:


Viruses, phishing and smishing (SMS phishing), mining - there are plenty of threats on the Internet today. PCs, laptops and cell phones are in the crosshairs. And there are even worse threats: espionage, cyberattacks and even sabotage. All of this makes cybersecurity extremely important to companies. That's why they are willing to pay a lot of money to avoid threats.

The demand for specialists in this field is very high and people are in short supply. In any single European country, the number of such vacancies will be measured in tens of thousands. So you have every chance of finding a well-paid, stable job with career growth prospects.

Plus, cybersecurity is quite a broad concept. You can work here as a cryptologist, information systems manager, cyber consultant, analyst, engineer, and even a hacker who identifies weaknesses in systems and programs. You can still become a cybersecurity auditor or an information security network and systems administrator.

As cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, cybersecurity is also rapidly evolving and adapting to the needs. So the field is promising and will definitely not go under the radar. Plus, training and internships are available to almost everyone, regardless of their level or profile.


Today we use robots in everyday life and don't even notice it. All sorts of smart vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, even the familiar GPS is also a robot. The further we go, the more such technologies are spreading. They are used in the military and industry, in everyday life and in complex operations. They build houses, fly to Mars and mop the floor for you.

All of this makes robotics a rapidly growing field. Working here is not only interesting, but also very promising. In addition, there are so many directions within robotics itself. Mechanics is not the same as electronics, but there is also mechatronics and more.

If you take a course in robotics, many doors will open to you. You can become all sorts of engineers: programmers, designers, mechatronics or systems engineers. There are also careers related to computing technology. Automotive engineers, embedded computing specialists, or home automation engineers are all potential niches.

If you can understand the topic and become good at it, you can earn good money. Your salary will be in the range of 30,000-50,000 euros per year.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the hit of the season. It is being used everywhere. When you type a query into Google, it's the one that helps you find the results you're looking for. When you look at Reels on instagram, it's it that matches them to your taste. Every navigator and smart accessory uses artificial intelligence today. A neural model can control your home, your car, but it is helpless without a human.

That's why you may find your calling in artificial intelligence development. The future is in these technologies. If you manage to jump on this train, a good career and a big salary await you. Plus, there are many different jobs here too, so it's easy to choose what you like best.

One such job, for example, is Chief Data Officer. Companies hire these professionals to collect data, store it, and manage it based on current needs. However, there are many other professions. This is where you can become a specialist in cognitive sciences. You will adapt neural models to human needs and make them more usable and secure. You can become a developer: creating models is very exciting. On its own, there are also management positions. You can become a manager and lead your team.

All sorts of analysts and applied linguists are also in high demand in this field, but there is a shortage of such specialists. If you get training, you will definitely build a good career.

Web Design

Not so long ago, no one knew about web designers. Today, it is already a top profession. As the name implies, such specialists are engaged in creating designs for websites. The task of a web designer is to make the site functional and convenient. This increases traffic and generally makes the site more pleasant for users. In addition, a good design can better convey the message and create the right atmosphere.

The more popular the media becomes, the more popular web designer jobs become. Such specialists usually work on freelancing, that is, they are hired for specific projects. This is quite a convenient way of earning money, which leaves you a lot of time for personal development. In addition, you can get into a good company as a web design specialist. Your salary in this case will be about 2000 euros per month.

Web design also offers opportunities for development. A publishing manager, an art director, a team leader of designers - all these are your prospects if you master the field of web design.


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