TikTok now lets you create artificially generated songs

TikTok tests AI Song: AI song generator

TikTok is testing a new feature that will allow users to create songs using artificial intelligence. AI Song enables users to simply type in the appropriate words and the app will generate a track for them. The feature is still in the testing phase, and while public access to the feature is very restricted, some users have actually shared their first results already.

The new feature has been available for several accounts since last week with an "Add Sound" option that appears when you make a post. When you select this option, the app will ask you to "type a message and create a song."

TikTok offers a few more options, including "Go to a concert," "Hug a pet," and "A new beginning." You can, of course, enter any message you want, however. After a few seconds, the platform will create lyrics relevant to your message and merge it with music from the previously uploaded catalog. Finally, you can select a specific genre from three options: pop, EDM, or hip-hop.

AI Song uses a big language model, Bloom. TikTok spokesperson Barney Hooper told The Verge, "Technically it's not an AI song generator, the name will probably be changed, and it's currently in the testing phase. The end result at this point is a bit odd."

TikTok has yet to complete its artificial intelligence.

Initial tests show that there is still plenty of room for improvement. In the first tracks published, the voice strays from the song or mispronounces words. Some Tiktok users also found that TikTok generates the same lyrics for different users.

The ByteDance-owned platform admits that this function may contain a bug. It also asks users not to include personal details in the song creation prompt. In addition, several restrictions have been set. For example, users may not create content that contains information about another user, content related to the exploitation of minors, or discriminatory behavior towards other users.

Songs generated by artificial intelligence have already caused controversy on the platform. The song "Heart on My Sleeve," which copies the vocals of Drake and The Weeknd, has gone viral thanks to gaining traction on TikTok. Bad Bunny also complained after another track imitating his voice was shared.

Since then, tiktok has implemented other features to help identify content produced by artificial intelligence. It recently updated its rules to require users to flag content created by artificial intelligence.

Tiktok isn't the only one testing the song creator feature. YouTube is already testing a separate music creation feature that allows users to create songs from text prompts and humming melodies.


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