The fastest growing companies of 2024

Who to watch out for in the new year

In 2023, the IT field has changed thoroughly with the arrival of ChatGPT technology. The further you go, the faster the progress goes, and with it, new companies are emerging. These 6 companies are some of the most promising in the tech industry. The top is based primarily on how satisfied customers of these companies are, whether they come back for services again and recommend them to their friends and acquaintances.

Another factor that was taken into consideration is how compliant the company is with the norms of the industry. That is, to what extent it follows certain ethical rules of the sphere in which it operates. Future partnership opportunities, how fast the company is growing and how unique the solutions it offers are also taken into account.

Azuro Digital

If you need front-end design, this is your player. Since the company was founded in 2018, it has remained a leader in its field. Azuro Digital's designs are beautiful, and more importantly, they increase conversions. For digital marketing, this is a major trait that design should have.

The company has a lot of big clients. These include Hadley Foundation, a large organization hailing from Canada, and Cascade Energy, a major player in the industry.

Users remain satisfied with the company's service. Their reviews are perfect, plus the company has many revered awards in the industry. Some of them include Web Excellence Awards, CSS Design Awards, and WebAward.

In their field, Azuro Digital is one of the most successful startups and is definitely going strong in 2024.


If you are looking for a safe short-term loan, use the services of this platform. It has an extremely interesting history. It was founded by entrepreneur Chris Harder back in 2022. Together with him, Matthew Marek - the one who created Good Neighbor - was in charge of the project. This company of his was recently bought by another giant and they merged. A huge amount of money has been invested in Frello and it will be up and running in 2024.

The point of the project is to give microloans to people who need money right now. If you work part-time and you are short of funds, the company provides you with a convenient service for a short-term loan. Frello offers very comfortable solutions compared to what you'll find at the usual banks. Plus, the security of funds is at the top of the list for the company. You'll be able to manage your loan easily and transparently. The platform is definitely worth keeping an eye on in the new year.


A Swiss-based Web3 domain company. The company's idea is to flip ideas about interacting with the internet. With Web3 and TLDs, you can not only register a domain, but you can also make money from it. Plus, you can even start your own brand name. Extremely attractive.

Half a year ago, Freename received $2.5 billion in growth funding. Today, this company is a leader in its field and is growing faster than any of its competitors in the market. This makes more and more people pay attention to Freename, so 2024 will clearly be productive and profitable for the company.


Blockchain is on the rumor mill today. The goal of this platform is to make life easier for freelancers in the Web3 landscape. With its help, it is much easier to enter into and control financial contracts.

For example, you can accrue wages in different ways this way: hourly, every day, every week or every month. The technology has quickly become popular among companies. The platform has already been used by 2,000 companies. Here they have found more than 100,000 specialists in their field. Nevertheless, the demands of the industry are huge, which means the customer base will definitely grow in the next year.


If you love TikTok, forget about it. Cheelee not only allows you to watch funny videos, but also get real money for it. Already today, this platform has a huge user base - about 1.5 million. It is becoming more and more popular every day.

In addition, the users of this social network also become its beneficiaries. They get their share of profits from advertising. The platform also optimizes your feed for your interests, so that the content is as personalized as possible. Plus, the social network is not yet so hyped and you have every opportunity to carve out a niche here and become popular.


This company's technology is the stuff you've seen in spy movies. SnapSync smart watches can recognize clicks, claps, and all sorts of hand gestures. They are helped by advanced algorithms, sensors, and open source code. The company has already completed their fundraising, they now have about 500,000 Canadian dollars and almost 2,000 watches sold. If you try your best, you can even become a tester of their products.


The technologies of 2023 are not the same as those of 2022, which means that next year we can expect unexpected twists and turns and steady progress. Leading companies are not only developing what is already proven, but also offering new revolutionary solutions. The key is to follow the field and stay informed.


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